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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  April 18, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel two news at noon. >> not here in boston. [ applause ] >> president obama says the terrorists picked the wrong city if he wanted to scare and shake the people of boston. good afternoon, i am john
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sasaki in for tori campbell. two days after the devastation in boston a explosion at a fertilizer plant in texas killed and injured many. it happened at a town near dallas. sal castaneda joins us with more. >> reporter: the explosion is blamed for the deaths of between 5 and 15 people according to authorities. the explosion's violent force was captured in this amateur video. watch closely as it quickly goes from bad to worse. >> -- sure the -- [ explosion ] >> officials say the explosion did not happen until nearly a half-hour after the initial fire. emergency responders already on the scene are among some of the missing feared dead. the scene is in the small community of west, texas, about an hour and a half south of dallas, it is near waco.
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the fertilizer plant had tank of anhad druse ammon ammonia, today the search continues. >> it is a slow methodical search and they are using every available resource they have to do that correct he and make sure we don't miss anything or anybody. >> today officials say the fire has been contained and say the fire has been contained but they are still looking for some of the people. smoke rising you can see it from the plant. now some of the neighborhoods near the plant were most heavily affected including one apartment building reduced to rubble after the explosion. authorities have not said exactly how many people have been killed but they do say at least 160 have been injured. they say they are waiting for the search to be complete before they release a final casualty toll. today texas governor pick
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perry gave an estimate. >> we know there are 75 residences that have minor to substantial damage up to and including being pushed off their slabs and you got a school with a substantial amount of damage. >> the blast created a man made earthquake of sorts, approximately 2.1 on the richter scale. it was said to be felt in dallas about 80 miles away. many people are being temporarily housed by the red cross. live in the newsroom, sal castaneda ktvu channel 2 news. >> sal, thanks, in that texas explosion we are hearing dispatcher calls made after the blast warning firefighters to pull back for their own safety. >> any fire unit that is near the fertilizer plant you need to pull back immediately, again any fire department still close to the feater leader plant pull back. >> firefighters from several
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nearby communities responded to that incident, many were volunteers. the city of boston came together to today to remember the victims of monday's bomb attacks. ktvu's patti lee joins us live from boston to show us the interfaith service where the president said the city will run again, patty. >> reporter: these sidewalks and streets were packed with people. here to hear the president speak. as was this church. which was filled to its 2000 person capacity. some people told thus show of strength and the numbers was as powerful as the speeches heard inside. a line line of people stretched around the block to enter the church in boston. getting ahold of ticket took determination. he waited all night for one after taking bus from new york to boston. >> because this whole thing is personal for me. >> for many in the crowd the
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tragedy also retes a also represents a threat and they wanted to hear reassurance. >> you don't need a mental detector to go in or anything and i think that is powerful and special and i mean it may have to change but it is sad we do have to go through something like this. >> the president paid respect to those killed and wounded in the bombings and promised this is not the end. >> like bill iffy, 78 years old, the runner in the orange tank top we all saw got knocked down in the blast. we may be momentarily knocked off our feet but we will pick ourselves up, we will keep going, we will finish the race. >> these college students took video from their seating. >> i am proud and i feel so much better about you know taking the next step to recovery. >> just to see everyone kind of
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like whether they are physically or metaphorically doing it holding each other's hands throughout the process. >> you can see they are still cleaning up after the service which helpedded an hour ago. they tell us the president will meet with some of the victim's families before returning to boston tonight. patti lee, ktvu channel 2 news. >> cnn is reporting the fbi has scheduled a news conference at 2:00 p.m. our time as officials are said to be considering whether to release video images of possible suspects in the bombing. janet napolitano said earlier today the fbi wants to speak to individuals seen in at least one video. she did not call them suspects. a bounce city council member says a tape appears to show a man dropping off a bag near the finish line and walking away. a u.s. senator official said today a lab test has confirmed a letter sent to a mississippi senator did contain
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ricin, his announcement comes hours after the man accused of mailing it is appearing in court. paul kevin curtis was arrested yesterday at his home and faces charges of threatening the president and others. according to the affidavit the letters were sent to roger wicker, the president and the judge says maybe i have your attention now maybe if it means someone must die. his attorney says he is innocent. the boston marathon bomb attack has led to extra security at sporting events across the country including here in the bay area. there will be heightened security at tonight's sharks game at ph pavilion, more officers on duty, fans may be patted down and checked with wands and bomb sniffing dogs used before the game. people we talked with said they welcome that added security. >> i think the response is warranted although i think that a lot of people are worried about the things going on. i think there should be height inned security but not a sense of fear.
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>> i think it is a good thing. i think the more they react to it the less likely somebody are willing to do things. >> fans are adviceed to show up early due to added security. they are also getting ready for another huge event. we will bring you a report on the martial arts craze that will bring a lot of people to san jose this weekend. today is the 100th anniversary of the 1906 earthquake and fire, as happens every year people gathered before dawn to commemorate that, tara moriarty is live there and tells us it did not go quite as planned. >> reporter: we are here at the academy of sciences where the american red cross held a prep rally about an hour ago. [ singing ] >> christie kristi yamaguchi
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and jerry rice were there to help them prepare for the quake like the one that struck back then, it was a fitting tribute but it almost didn't happen. sirens blared at 5:11 this morning as they do every year to commemorate the 1906 earthquake. ♪ [ music ] >> but this year the ceremony didn't happen at the fountains, a bomb swear made officials switch to it union square. >> i think they are doing the right thing. hey i am a big top 10, especially because i am the man on the podium in about 20 minutes. >> police blocked off streets after a suspicious bag turned up nearby. >> there was a suspect in a dark hooded sweatshirt that was seen with a large black canvas bag at third market and he put the bag down and left. >> later authorities found clothes paperwork and personal items inside the bag. once the scene was cleared the
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police chief helped lay a wreath there and at 20th and church the fire chief painted the only working fire hydrant in the city the day the quake hit. he owned a 1906 vehicle. he and friends dress up in gash popular in the era to honor the 3000 people to lost their lives. >> if you know any history of san francisco the first thing that comes to your mind is wow, the earthquake, april 18th, that was major, absolutely major and to -- for san francisco to come back as strong as they did as early on as they did is just amazing. >> hopefully next year will go off without a hitch but the police chief said today in light of everything that has happened in boston they are civilly not taking any chances. live from san francisco, i am tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> more details now on that earthquake preparedness event this morning. fire officials were there to talk about ways the community can help them in the hours
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after a big quake. >> as first responders you can count on us to be there in times of need. but with the community's help we will be able to move more quickly from response to recovery mode. >> today's prep rally was called make your game plan, officials urged everyone there to have a plan in case of a quake, they dwaif tips on first aid and cpr and gave away kits, it was organized by pg&e, the red cross and fema. bad weather in the midwest and the reason for this dramatic scene. nice weather coming to the bay area, mark tamayo has the details in minutes. >> live in san jose where excitement is building at the hp pavilion, we will tell you why having ufc fights, why it is such a big deal for the fighters to have this event in the bay area. [ to this symphony of flavor: crrkkhshziiiizzlllee. beautiful.
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a big rig crash made a mess of the commute on 584 for hours this morning, news chopper 2 showed it blocked two lanes after 5:00 a.m. the truck sustained major damage and took crews hours to clear the lanes, traffic backed up to the altamont pass but no one was seriously hurt. concord police are
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investigating a robbery in the jewelry department at the macy's store in sun valley mall. investigators say around 8:45 three men walked into the tor store and jumped the counter and at least one robbed and grabbed jewelry and took off. police found their car abandoned in a nearby neighborhood. firefighters are investigating a fire that gutted a home in san leandro. it broke out after 11:00 on deal avenue and dowellic boulevard. firefighters say it was being remodeled and no one lived there, they made sure all nearby residents got out safely. >> everybody called from one house to the next and a couple of people knocked on everybody's doors so we all kind of let everybody know -- >> no one was hurt fighting that fire. fans of ufc, the ultimate fighting championship are getting ready for a title bout you will be able to watch here.
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the fight is set to happen in south bay and janine de la vega is live there and you got to talk to two of the fighters this morning. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, a lot of excitement is building here, this match up right here is the largest ufc event ever held in san jose and expected to generate thousands of dollars for the city. the headlining fight is between a local fighter from san francisco gilbert melendez, fighting for the lightweight championship against the reigning champion benson henderson, it is catching a lot of attention because he was the champion of strike force, bought by ufc. the co-main event 5s daniel corporalier, which will take on former champion frank mir, we spoke to bought about getting to battle for the first time in
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the biggest fights in their career in their home town. >> the shark tank is familiar and i am excited and i hope everyone from san francisco and california comes to back me up. >> every time we come out here they come in droves and scream and yell and support us and i am excited to be a part of it. >> this is video of henderson winning the title last december, that is the title that melendez wants to capture, ufc and the world of mixed martial arts is a billion dollar industry and taken over in popularity when it comes to pay-per-view events, fighting fans favoring ufc over boxing events and this event is expected to sell out here at the ph pavilion, people are flying in to watch live. tickets are available from 50 to 250 dollars but you want watch it here live at 7:00 p.m.
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janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> stef curry has a place in the record book, he made this shot to set the single season three point record. it was his 270th three pointer of the season. it broke ray allen's record set in the 2005-2006 season when he was a member of the super sonics, he hit two more to end the season with 272 baskets from downtown. fans gathered at the oakland city center this morning to wish the team success in the playoffs, the mayor jean kwan was joined by former greats at the really and highlighted by the warriors flagged raised at city hall. >> we have not been to the playoffs in how many years. >> second time in 19 years. >> second time in 19 years, we can't concern ourself with what has happened in the past 18 year, we are in the playoffs this year, stay with us, we are going to surprise a lot of people. >> the warriors will play the
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nuggets in the first round. rains opened up a sinkhole in chicago on the southeast side of the city and a dramatic scene was caught on video, see the two cars in the hole then that third car falls in. a man was in one of those cars when the road gaveway underneath him and was taken to the hospital for minor injuries and reports of roads closed and cars underwater because of flooding. >> a completely different story here in the bay area, lots of sunshine. i dare you to find a cloud in the sky. i don't think you will, maybe a few whisps out there but just maybe some haze as well but temperatures it is warmer today. you may have already noticed that warm up. here is our camera looking toward san francisco bay, the nice conditions on the waters, the satellite and radar not here but midwest, chicago, the clouds and rain and thunderstorms for this part of the country. we have the opposite. here is the satellite, clear skies, a cloud bank offshore
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way out in the pacific so clear conditions continue, sunshine and the advertised warm up is hire, numbers verifying already, 70s toward santa rosa, nevada, and these areas could approach 80 degrees, santa rosa, at least upper 70s, and right around 79 degrees. as far as wind speeds they have backed off a bit. still a breeze out there. notice the overall wind direction. a loft stations out of the north, santa rosa, fairfield, north, concord north, so that basically is a warming wind direction and responsible for the warm up today across the region. for today, thursday, sunshine, we warm things up. tomorrow a patch or two of fog, coast, but still mild and warm, and the weekend still a dry weather pattern and still talking about low to mid 80s inland, especially for next week. temperatures inland could be soaring back up to right around 85 to 87 degrees. for today we are in the clear as high pressure is in command of our weather. the sinking air is warming air,
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that translates to 70s to 80 degrees inland. the coast nice, with raidings in the 60s. here is our forecast model showing you clear skies this afternoon. friday morning we could have patchy fog return coast side so with that a temporary cool down for the coast and right and the bay for friday. then saturday morning pretty much the same deal, the clouds clear out and that will set the stage for a warming front for the rest of the weekend especially by sunday. forecast highs this afternoon mid-60s to 70s, warmest locations approaching 80 degree mark toward morgan hill and gilroy. a look ahead, your five-day- forecast with your weekend always in view, more sunshine for your friday then we warm things up especially by sunday. monday and tuesday next week could be very warm. the warmest locations inland approaching the mid-possibly the upper 80s to maybe flirting with the 90 degree mark for that timeframe, john, so a few days ago talking about snow in the sierra, this time of the year at least the next few days
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talking about 90 degrees possible so it is that time. >> definitely feels like the rainy season is not over. >> yeah, we could but not seeing much in the short-term. >> mark, thanks. >> sure. >> authorities in santa cruz county have evacuated part of the college while they investigate a suspicious college, the college is there and checking the college in the upper campus, lower campus still has classes, they have closed some streets there. we will tell you why investors are in a down mood and why some city will be installing new equipment to count bicyclists on the streets.
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taking a look at the stock market the dow jones industrials down 84 points, this continues a downward trend for the stock markets and right now apple is under 400 dollars, a lot of investors wondering how far it will fall. oakland is proposing a budget for the next two fiscal years that calls for heavy spending on public safety, economic development and jobs. the proposal includes two more police academies but the city will need to eliminate 80 other positions. the deadline is june 30th. the public will be able to weigh in before that deadline. the senate judiciary committee is set to hold hearings tomorrow and monday on a new immigration reform proposal formally filed yesterday sponsored by a group of senators known as the gang of 8. >> this who we are, the
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descendents of the homeless and the tired the poor the huddled masses yearning to breath free. >> the bill aims to secure the borders while crating an option for undocumented immigrants to become citizens, within the next month a bicycle barometer will be installed on san francisco's market street encouraging more people to ride their bikes and will go in on the southside between 9th and 10th and 7 and 1/2 feet tall and show the number of bicycles that will pass by. one clarification on that event, coverage begins at 5:00 p.m. saturday afternoon. we are monitoring the situation in boston as we reported earlier. the f b is planning fbi is planning to hold a news conference to provide an update on that and we will bring it to you live as it happens. that is our news, thank you for
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trusting us, we will bring next to you as soon as it breaks and we are always here for you on and ktvu mobile. have a great day. send comments to captions by terry james, caption colorado, llc.
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